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21 Savage – The Dripped

21 Savage – The DrippedThe song called “The Dripped” by American rapper 21 Savage has been going viral on the internet for two days now and it is already reffered to a leak because the rapper hasn’t reacted to the...


21 Savage – Brains

21 Savage – Brains More music from American rapper, 21 Savage continues to make its way into the internet. Today a brand new song called “Brains” has surfaced online after it appeared on some Youtube channels. The song is a...


21 Savage – On The Inside

21 Savage – On The Inside The team behind the the TV series Godfather Of Harlem has adopted an interesting strategy with their soundtrack. They have been slowly unveiling the songs from their album as the show progresses rather than...


21 Savage – Immortal

21 Savage – Immortal Late last year, 21 Savage informed the entire world that he was ready for all the smoke on “Immortal”, a song that debuted in the trailer to the new Mortal Kombat game. Some tech-savvy fans were...

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